AVITA Technologies and Jasmy established a Joint Venture
To grab the opportunity of the WEB3 New Technology Era

In the commercial market, an opportunity often leads to new development. Under the leadership of Mr. Alex Chung, the CEO of AVITA Technologies, AVITA laptops and devices are very popular with users due to their superior functions, high cost performance and personalized design. AVITA has become one of the leaders in the Hong Kong market. AVITA Technologies made another breakthrough last month with the announcement of agreement with Jasmy, a Japanese company that develops and provides IoT platforms. Jasmy has officially become a strategic investor of AVITA Technologies, so as to seize the huge opportunities brought by WEB3, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency application. At the same time, it explores the new generation of digital security PC, the IoT and FinTech solutions are moving towards a more ambitious goal.

Under the epidemic situation, the commercial market is constantly changing. If we can seize new market opportunities and bring needed products or services to the market, enterprises will naturally be able to win and continue to growth. The author has known Alex, the CEO of AVITA Technologies for many years. In addition to his in-depth understanding of the ever-changing retail market in the electronic devices, he has always been far-sighted. Therefore, after the news of the joint venture with Jasmy was released last month, the author is convinced that under the strong alliance, it could make AVITA Technologies into a new milestone.

Data control adds value to everyday life

Hong Kong people may be unfamiliar with Jasmy’s name, but if Jasmy has excellect technology and launches cryptocurrency, they may begin to understand the concept behind the joint venture. Jasmy is a company established in Japan that develops and provides an IoT platform. The company’s philosophy is that when everything is connected to the Internet, the “clothing, food, housing and transportation” that are closely related to people’s lives will undergo earth-shaking changes. Therefore, its mission is to create and provide a mechanism (platform) that allows anyone to use what they need in life easily, safely and worry-free. Once combined with the network, many people will naturally worry about network security issues, so Jasmy integrates this concept with blockchain technology and the IoT to provide the market with an IoT platform that is both safe and reliable, and beyond the industry’s widespread use.

With the tokenization platform, Jasmy evocates data democracy by combining blockchain and IoT technologies to provide an infrastructure that allows anyone to use data reliably and securely. Kunitake Ando, Representative Director of Jasmy Incorporated, pointed out, “the establishment of Jasmy is based on the concept of data democracy. We firmly believe in the ownership and autonomy of personal data. Everyone has the right to use their personal data safely and fully control of personal data.” Thereby, he has served as an important president and COO of the international brand SONY for a long time. Through this cooperation, he said that because AVITA Technologies has been extensively expanding the business of laptops and IoT devices in the Asia-Pacific region, and is committed to breaking through industry boundaries through new business models, he and Jasmy share a common vision, integrate the latest FinTech technology, so as to build a compatible eco-system in the Asia-Pacific market, bringing better life and safer digital experience.

Join forces to open the era of new technology applications

The times are changing, and the technology is changing with each passing day. From cloud computering and big data to AI, blockchain, Metaverse to Web3, it is only a matter of more than ten years. It can be seen that once technology companies fail to grasp the technology big if there is no trend, it will be difficult to have long-term development. To continue to grow, AVITA Technologies needs external assistance, and by combining Jasmy’s data management solutions, it can provide customers with Secure PC solutions and devices with personal data lockers. Through personal data lockers, customers can safely store personal data and decide whether to give other companies relevant access rights or not.

With the integration of Jasmy IoT platform and the Secure PC solution, AVITA Technologies will bring a new business model to B2B customers- DaaS “Device as a Service”, enabling enterprises and their employees to securely access company data and program, bringing the most ideal remote office solution for enterprises. On the basis of achieving a win-win situation, Jasmy and AVITA Technologies will seize multiple future opportunities and bring a new digital and metaverse experience. Jasmy also hopes to expand the FinTech application scale of blockchain, cryptocurrency and Secure IoT solutions from Japan to the Asia-Pacific region, and eventually to the world.

“Our motto ‘Do What the Giants Can’t’ has always been our motto, which inspires the team at AVITA Technologies to go beyond and build a compatible ecosystem to achieve a better life and a more reliable digital experience by integrating the latest technologies,’ Mr. Alex Chung said. As time goes by, he pointed out that AVITA Technologies no longer defined and limited itself to just a service provider and notebook manufacturer. “We believe in repositioning ourselves as an industry changer, leveraging the advantages of artificial intelligence, and working with Jasmy to develop digitally secure IoT devices and solutions, as well as applications in the fields of FinTech and cryptocurrency application.” For the company’s future development, the past lay in diversity, so in the future, with the help of the rise of WEB3 and blockchain technology, it will contribute to the next generation. Work and Live better in the connected virtual world, so as to realize the sustainable development of the company, and at the same time bring new meaning and value to customer.

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